IPAN’s National Conference: Speeches and Presentations – 22 to 24 November 2022

The Independent and Peaceful Australia Network (IPAN) held its National Conference in Canberra from 22nd to 24th November, 2022.

Tuesday 22nd November

The conference began with an public meeting and launch of David Bradbury’s new documentary The Road to War. After the launch, the meeting was addressed by a number of speakers including Tjanara Goreng Goreng, Emma Shortis, David Brophy and Richard Broinowski.

Wednesday 23rd November

The second day included a series of sessions consisting of various talks, panel discussions and reports.

In the morning, Con Pakavikis provided an update on the Julian Assange campaign, followed by a panel discussion on AUKUS and the threat of war against China featuring Emma Shortis, David Brophy, Vince Scappatura and Richard Tanter.

Alison Broinowski and Vince Scappatura then discussed the findings of the IPAN People’s Inquiry Report, with participants discussing various ways of implementing the Inquiry’s recommendations.

After lunch, Michelle Fahy spoke on the the undue influence of the arms industry over defence policy, while Albert Palazzo gave a talk on alternatives to the nation’s current defence policy.

This was followed by a final session on collaborative activism for peace and climate action, comprising three panels on (a) using the media effectively (b) connecting the climate and peace movements and (c) strategic planning for an independent foreign policy and the trade union movement. The various panels featured talks by Mary Kostakidis, Tim Hollo, Dimity Hawkins, Janet Baillie, Paul Petersen, Andrew Irvine and Lachlan Clohesy.

Thursday 24th November

On the last day of the conference, the People’s Inquiry Report was officially launched at Parliament House at 11.00am with a speech by the Inquiry’s chairperson, Kellie Tranter.

More information

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