Letters to the Editor

Below is a selection of ‘Letters to the Editor’ that members and supporters of MPG have sent to the print media, including major daily newspapers as well as the local press. In particular, we have taken the opportunity of publishing letters overlooked by the editors.

Date Title From To Published
 04-Jan-2020 The assassination of General Qassem Soleimani Nick Deane  SMH
25-Feb-2018 US to expand Marine deployment in Darwin Nick Deane SMH  TBD
21-Oct-2017 Julie Bishop’s response to letter from North Korea Nick Deane SMH No
 Letter to Israeli Ambassador protesting the confiscation by Israeli authorities of solar panels providing electricity to two villages, Jubbet al-Dhib and Abu Nick Deane  
15-Jan-2017 Paul Keating’s understatement Nick Deane SMH No
15-Dec-2016 Admiral Harry Harris – we do not need America’s ‘protection’ Nick Deane SMH No
10-Jun-2016 Pine Gap’s role in ‘extra-judicial’ killings Nick Deane Alice Springs News Online Yes
23-Apr-2016 Too much focus on our military history Jo Errey Hobart Mercury Yes
10-Apr-2016 Reconsider American military buildup Jo Errey Hobart Mercury Yes
10-Mar-2016 US gearing up for war with China Nick Deane SMH Yes
08-Mar-2016 Flying duds Jo Errey Hobart Mercury Yes
02-Mar-2016 Build for peace Jo Errey Hobart Mercury Yes
26-Feb-2016 Defence White Paper and military escalation Nick Deane SMH No
01-Feb-2016 Review US alliance Jo Errey Hobart Mercury Yes
08-Dec-2015 Dangers of radioactive waste Jon Atkins SMH, The Australian & local press* No
07-Apr-2015 US Marines in Darwin: No debate on foreign policy Nick Deane SMH No
06-Jan-2015 No choice Nick Deane SMH No
04-Nov-2014 War in East China Sea Nick Deane SMH No
08-Oct-2014 Decision to go to war Jo Errey SMH No
18-Jul-2014 Hamas’ ceasefire proposal Jo Errey SMH No
20-Mar-2014 Anniversary of the invasion of Iraq MPG SMH No

* The local press includes Inner West Courier, City Hub and Inner West Independent.

Note: Unless otherwise stated, the views of a particular author do not necessarily represent the views of MPG.