Purchases and Donations


To order copies of Questioning the Value of the Australia/US Alliance containing Malcolm Fraser’s ‘Introduction’, follow the steps below:

  1. Place an order by contacting Nick Deane on 0420 526 929 or via marrickvillepeacegroup@gmail.com (full name, contact number and postal address required).
  2. Make a small donation to MPG to cover postage and printing costs via the PayPal button on the sidebar or by making a direct deposit (see details below).
All donations are welcome!

MPG is staffed entirely by volunteers. Donations are vital to our peace group’s work as they assist with admin, website, event and publication costs, as well as in promoting a culture of peace.

Use the PayPal button on the sidebar to make a donation.

Direct deposits

If you are reluctant about making an online donation, you can make a donation directly into MPG’s bank account.

To obtain the relevant bank account details, phone Nick on 0420 526 929 or homishdu@yahoo.com.au

Note that donations to MPG are not tax deductible.