Don’t Buy the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter

Concern about the F-35 JSF continues to grow, with reports of its many problems – not to mention the huge expense. A petition sponsored by the Independent and Peaceful Australia Network – NSW (IPAN), calling for the agreement to purchase the Lockheed Martin F-35 Joint Strike Fighter to be scrapped, was handed to Senator Lee Rhiannon early in August. More than 1,700 signatures were collected.

In connection with MPG’s concerns about the F-35, Mr Danny Nowlan (an aeronautical engineer and friend of an MPG member) has provided a submission that he provided to the Joint Standing Committee of Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade in 2012. As a result of the poor response to this submission, Mr Nowlan subsequently issued an open letter on the shortcomings of the F-35 in May 2014.

Whilst Mr Nowlan is opposed to the purchase out of concerns that the F-35 might not perform well militarily, MPG is of the view that it is bad policy to purchase such an offensive and expensive weapon for defence purposes. The group suspects that the purchase is a consequence of Australia’s ties with the US ‘military industrial complex’ that have become much closer in recent years.

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