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Marines in Darwin: Questions asked in Senate Estimates Hearing

lee_rhiannon_2010[1]MPG has opposed the presence of US marines in Darwin ever since President Obama and Prime Minister Gillard announced their arrival (in November 2011). There have been no satisfactory reasons given for the marines being here and no indication of the strategic benefit their presence gives to Australia.

With IPAN-NSW, MPG approached Senator Lee Rhiannon and asked her to ask some specific questions on our behalf. Those questions and the responses can be read here. Continue reading Marines in Darwin: Questions asked in Senate Estimates Hearing

Major General Richard Burr

major-general-richard-m-burr-1Major General Burr is an Australian Army officer, who is also deputy commander of the US Army in the Western Pacific. Here is a photo of him in Mongolia, during US/Mongolian exercises.

MPG has written to the Minister of Defence, seeking an explanation of General Burr’s role. Which government does he serve? To which country does he owe allegiance? Is he the servant of two masters? How does this arrangement work? And doesn’t it rest on the presumption that Australian and US military interests always coincide precisely?