Talisman Sabre 2015

yanked-singleThe Talisman Sabre military exercises (TS2015) which are about to begin in northern Australia represent the largest combined military exercise undertaken by the Australian Defence Force (ADF). Around 30,000 service personnel, including 12,000 Australians, are taking part. There will be contingents from the US, NZ and, for the first time, Japan.

The exercises demonstrate the closeness of the alliance between Australia and the US – but will also serve to make that alliance even closer.

MPG has long questioned the wisdom of Australia getting closer and closer to the US, militarily. The group is opposed to the exercises, and one member (Nick Deane) is preparing to travel to Rockhampton to join the demonstrations that will be taking place there.

Peace Convergence Program – Rockhampton Region – July 4-18
  • Sat, July 4: Independence from the US Day: SpeakOut at Western Street Barracks from 11.00am;
  • Sun, July 5: Talisman Sabre Open Day at Showgrounds from 11.30am to 4.00pm;
  • Mon-Thu, July 6- 9: Acts of non-violent, resistance, conversations and community building;
  • Fri, July 10: NAIDOC March plus Evening Lantern Peace Vigil at Western Street Barracks;
  • Sat, July 11: TBA – Disruption of Talisman Sabre war games plus world premiere of David Bradbury’s new documentary movie War on Trial;
  • Sun, July 12: Yeppoon Peace Parade and Concert – Assemble at the Old Rail Station, Yeppoon at 12.00pm – Concert at beachside amphitheatre at Yeppoon Esplanade from 1.00pm;
  • Mon-Sat, July 13-18: Further resistance, protest activities and community building.
Follow the activities of the ‘Peace Convergence’ here and here. Read the article ‘Rattling Talisman Sabre is dangerous’ by Nick Deane here. Access local press coverage (Rockhampton Morning Bulletin) on preparations for the ‘Peace Convergence’ here.

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