Protests at Talisman Sabre 2015

TS2015 Lee Point NT
US Navy hovercraft on Lee Point Beach near Darwin as part of Talisman Sabre 2015.

Protesters converged on the recent biennial Talisman Sabre 2015 (TS2015) military exercises which were held simultaneously for the first time within the Shoalwater Bay Training Area, near Rockhampton in Queensland and at Fog Bay, south west of Darwin.

During the protests, peace activists criticised Australia’s strategic alliance with the US and the dangers it poses to human security in this region. They argued that TS2015 served to make our military assets usable in future US confrontations and wars especially in the South East Asia region.1

Media coverage of these protests included the following:

  • Video interviews with protesters Nick Deane, Andrew Paine and Greg Rolles in Rockhampton. Refer to The Morning Bulletin’s report here. (Note: these videos contain some advertising segments).
  • The report on three women protesters, aged 71, 69 and 65, who were fined for blockading a gate inside the exclusion barrier at Shoalwater Bay Military facility after setting up a tea party with table, scones and tea. Read the ABC’s report on this peaceful intervention here.
  • The report by protester Justin Tuffy about his non-violent protest near Darwin against US amphibious manoeuvres. See his article here.

1. On escalating tensions with China, refer to Hugh White’s ‘South China Sea not the place to get all bolshie’, The Age, Jun 8, 2015 and Hamish McDonald’s ‘The Wired Seas of Asia: China, Japan, the US and Australia’ (with an introduction by Richard Tanter), The Asia-Pacific Journal, Vol. 13, Issue 15, No. 2, Apr 20, 2015. For an account of Australia’s increasing integration into the US military network, see Philip Dorling’s ‘Pine Gap drives US drone kills’, Sydney Morning Herald, Jul 21, 2013 and Michael Lee’s ‘Snowden leak reaffirms Australia’s four spy installations’, ZDNet, Jul 9, 2013.

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