Marines in Darwin: Questions asked in Senate Estimates Hearing

lee_rhiannon_2010[1]MPG has opposed the presence of US marines in Darwin ever since President Obama and Prime Minister Gillard announced their arrival (in November 2011). There have been no satisfactory reasons given for the marines being here and no indication of the strategic benefit their presence gives to Australia.

With IPAN-NSW, MPG approached Senator Lee Rhiannon and asked her to ask some specific questions on our behalf. Those questions and the responses can be read here.

No substantive answer was given to the basic question ‘Why are there marines in Darwin?’. The responses contain platitudes about the nature of the alliance but no reasoned justification for this most serious of decisions.

Notably, there is absolutely no assurance that the Australian government will even be consulted, should the US decide that the marines based in Australia are to take part in military action.

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