Review of the Al Jazeera News Channel

Richard Seymour reviews the Al Jazeera news channel. He outlines the broadcaster’s origins and analyses its coverage of numerous events such as the demonstrations and protests of the Arab Spring, the US-led bombing campaign of Iraq and the launch of Al Jazeera America. Duration: 12 minutes.

(Source: The World Today with Tariq Ali – Sep 3, 2015)

Interview with Patrick Cockburn on ISIS

Tariq Ali interviews veteran journalist Patrick Cockburn, author of The Jihadis Return: ISIS and the New Sunni Uprising, published by OR Books, Aug 28, 2014. The discussion focuses on the birth of the Islamic State, its links to the Sunni population in Iraq, and the consequences for the region. Duration 38:42 minutes. Transcript available.

(Source: ‘Tariq Ali interviews Patrick Cockburn on ISIS – where it came from, its sudden growth, the consequences for the region’, Stop The War Coalition, Sep 26, 2014).

American Armed Drone Strikes and Pine Gap

The top secret joint US-Australian defence base at Pine Gap is accused of helping direct American drone strikes. As a result, Prof Des Ball, one of Australia’s leading defence and security experts, has condemned its work as “ethically unacceptable”.

Watch the program. Duration 8:03 minutes. Transcript available.

(Source: Dylan Welch, ‘Top intelligence analyst slams Pine Gap’s role in American drone strikes’, ABC 7.30 Report, Aug 13, 2014).

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