Submission to the 2015 Defence White Paper

MPG has again made a submission to the Defence White Paper process. Like previous ones, this submission has the alliance between Australia and the US as its main focus.

The submission argues that the Iraq war repeated the pattern of other conflicts in which Australia has been involved, in that, led by the US, we fought in a distant country that posed no threat to this country. As we were led into this situation on the basis of false intelligence, the ‘defence establishment’ had very good grounds for  raising questions about the alliance and its strategic value to Australia. Instead of raising those questions, however, the establishment has proceeded to ‘enhance’ the alliance at an accelerating pace.

Read the full text here.

Submission to the 2013 Defence White Paper

In November 2011 Prime Minister Gillard and US President Obama jointly announced that US Marines would be stationed in Darwin and that the US Air Force would make increased use of Australian facilities. In November 2012, expanded use of HMAS Stirling by US warships was announced. Thus, since the President announced the ‘Asia Pacific re-balance’ all US armed forces have gained greater access to Australia.

These are significant developments within the Australia/US alliance. They are more than ‘enhanced practical cooperation’ as they change the strategic balance in our region. Significantly, US power is projected even further from its shores than it was beforehand.

The changes have been presented to the Australian public as (1) strengthening the alliance (which may be true) (2) increasing regional stability and (3) being in Australia’s best interests – but without spelling out exactly why.

This submission subjects claims (2) and (3) above to scrutiny and finds them wanting.

Read the full text here.

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