IPAN Forum ‘Dangerous Allies?’ – July 2015

The Independent and Peaceful Australia Network (IPAN) held a Public Forum in Brisbane on July 8. This was followed by IPAN’s National Conference and AGM on July 9.

The Public Forum entitled ‘Dangerous Allies?’ featured three speakers:

  • Professor Richard Tanter (Nautilus Institite)
  • Professor Kozue Akibayashi (Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom – WILPF International)
  • Senator Scott Ludlam (Australian Greens)

The forum was chaired by Dr Sue Wareham (Medical Association for Prevention of War – MAPW) and the Brisbane Combined Unions Choir performed two songs prior to the speakers’ presentations. A Q&A session followed these presentations.

Composite File (edited)

Click the link below to hear or download an edited version of the forum (opening address and three speeches):

# [download id=”2621″] (21.5 MB – 22:54 mins)

Separate Files

Click the links below to either hear or download full segments from the forum:

(1) Opening Address – Dr Sue Wareham
# [download id=”2539″] (2.8 MB – 2:59 mins)

(2) Brisbane Combined Unions Choir
# [download id=”2536″] (5.4 MB – 5:44 mins)

(3) Prof. Richard Tanter
# [download id=”2542″] (20.9 MB – 22:15 mins)

(4) Prof. Kozue Akibayashi
# [download id=”2545″] (16.2 MB – 17:14 mins)

(5) Sen. Scott Ludlam
# [download id=”2549″] (17.2 MB – 18:53 mins)

(6) Q&A Session
# [download id=”2553″] (23.7 MB – 25:16 mins)