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Anzac Forum Douglas Newton 22Apr2015
Douglas Newton

The Gallipoli Centenary Peace Campaign hosted a public forum at the Petersham Town Hall on 22 April called ‘Gallipoli and Anzac after 100 Years: Lessons and the Prospects for Peace Today’.

Despite the wild weather, over 80 people attended the forum to hear three speakers: Douglas Newton (historian), Margot Pearson (Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom – WILPF) and Anne Noonan (Medical Association for Prevention of War – MAPW).

In his presentation, Douglas Newton stressed that “(w)e have to challenge the familiar smear: that all those that send and keep our troops abroad love, respect and honour them; and all those who question the wars to which the troops are sent hate, disrespect and dishonour them.” That, he claimed, is “contemptible political fakery”.

Read the post ‘Gallipoli and Anzac after 100 years’ about the forum here. Attached to the post is a video of Douglas Newton’s presentation. The full text of his address can be accessed here.

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