Afghanistan War

Commentaries on the War in Afghanistan – 2021

Greg Lockhart‘The fall of Kabul: false friends for over sixty four years’Pearls and Irritations, Aug 23, 2021.
Aaron Maté‘Anti-war veterans explain how US lost Afghanistan while leaders lied, profited’The Greyzone, Aug 22, 2021. An interview with US anti-war veterans Matthew Hoh and Danny Sjursen. [56 mins 19 secs].
Brooklyn For Peace‘Concrete Actions to Support Withdrawal from Afghanistan’, Aug 24, 2021.
Democracy Now! ‘U.N. Warns of “Humanitarian Catastrophe” in Afghanistan Amid Political Turmoil, Economic Crisis & Drought’, Aug 24, 2021. [Video 27 mins 57 secs].
Arja Keski-Nummi‘Where is our government in the Afghan crisis? People who helped us are in danger’Pearls and Irritations, Aug 18, 2021.
Joseph Camilleri‘Afghanistan debacle exposes the limits to Empire’Pearls and Irritations, August 18, 2021, Aug 18, 2021.
Democracy Now! “Uncertainty, Fear”: How Afghan Women & Ethnic Minorities Feel About Taliban Takeover & U.S. War – Interview with Mariam Safi and Zahra Nader, Aug 19, 2021 [42:01 mins].
Bruce Shapiro‘Afghanistan Unravels’, interview with Phillip Adams, Late Night Live, Aug 17, 2021. [Audio 14 mins 36 secs].
Katrina vanden Heuvel‘Rather than focus on how the U.S. got out of Afghanistan, focus on how it got in’The Washington Post, Aug 17, 2021.
Abdulkader Sinno‘Afghans’ lives and livelihoods upended even more as US occupation ends’The Conversation, Aug 17, 2021.
Aisha Majid‘How much did the Afghanistan war cost the US?’New Statesman, Aug 16, 2021.
Sarah Lazare‘We Can’t Let the Generals Who Lied About the Afghanistan War Define Its Legacy’In These Times, Aug 16, 2021.
Noam Chomsky with Vijay Prashad‘The reality behind the US ‘withdrawal’ from Afghanistan’AlterNet, May 7, 2021.
Michelle Fahy‘Afghanistan ‘is not a war without a purpose’Pearls and Irritations, Mar 3, 2021.

Alleged war crimes by Australian forces in Afghanistan

Mark Willacy‘Inside a rogue force’, ABC Conversations with Richard Fidler, Aug 18, 2021. Mark Willacy is the author of Rogue Forces, Simon & Schuster, Aug 2021. [Audio 53 mins 31 secs].
Daniel Hurst‘New book reveals detailed accounts of alleged war crimes by Australian forces in Afghanistan’The Guardian, Aug 18, 2021. Review of Mark Willacy’s Rogue Forces, Simon & Schuster, Aug 2021.
Greg Lockhart. ‘Heart of Darkness: Our expeditionary imperial culture and alleged war crimes in Afghanistan – and elsewhere’John Menadue – Pearls & Irritations, Dec 16, 2020.
Greg Lockhart. ‘The importance of the Brereton report on our alleged war crimes in Afghanistan’, John Menadue – ‘Pearls & Irritations, Nov 30, 2020.



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