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Talisman Sabre 2015

yanked-singleThe Talisman Sabre military exercises (TS2015) which are about to begin in northern Australia represent the largest combined military exercise undertaken by the Australian Defence Force (ADF). Around 30,000 service personnel, including 12,000 Australians, are taking part. There will be contingents from the US, NZ and, for the first time, Japan.

The exercises demonstrate the closeness of the alliance between Australia and the US – but will also serve to make that alliance even closer. Continue reading Talisman Sabre 2015

Andrew Wilkie Calls for Iraq War Inquiry

Andrew Wilkie Axis_of_Deceit
Andrew Wilkie’s Axis of Deceit

During ‘Question Time’ in the House of Representatives on Tuesday 16th June, Andrew Wilkie (Member for Denison in Tasmania), asked Prime Minister Tony Abbott the following question:

“The Iraq war has raged for 12 years and created the circumstances for the rise of Islamic State, and all on the basis of the lies about weapons of mass destruction and Osama bin Laden. Seeing as we helped to start this war and create the Islamic state threat, will you acknowledge the Howard government got it very wrong and agree to a proper war inquiry?” Continue reading Andrew Wilkie Calls for Iraq War Inquiry