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Abbott Government “poised to send additional troops to Iraq”

iraq620According to the ABC (Feb 25), sources have revealed that the Abbott Government is soon to commit hundreds of additional Australian troops to the war in Iraq.

Already Australia has 200 special forces personnel in Iraq and the ABC has reported that the extra troops will be part of a joint Australia-New Zealand mission to train Iraqi soldiers. Continue reading Abbott Government “poised to send additional troops to Iraq”

In support of Prof Gillian Triggs

 Prof Gillian Triggs
Professor Gillian Triggs is President of the Australian Human Rights Commission and also a member of the Advisory Committee of the Andrew & Renata Kaldor Centre for International Refugee Law at the University of NSW.

In response to the attacks on Professor Triggs and the Commission’s recent report on children in immigration detention* by some media and by some Federal Government politicians, fellow members of the Advisory Committee have published a statement in support of Professor Triggs. Continue reading In support of Prof Gillian Triggs

“Let’s end the detention of children …”

20150213-mrc-image[2]‘NEVER AGAIN: LET’S END THE DETENTION OF CHILDREN ONCE AND FOR ALL’. This is the headline on a detailed statement issued on February 13 by the Refugee Council of Australia (RCOA). The statement has been endorsed by more than 200 community groups across Australia – including our own group.

The full text of RCOA’s statement can be read here. More information about RCOA can be accessed here.

NZ – Open letter on military deployment to Iraq

nzdf logoIn response to an announcement by NZ Defence Minister Gerry Brownlee on February 10 that the NZ Defence Force will begin “special contingency training” for possible deployment to Iraq, more than 30 representatives of peace, justice and faith organisations in that country have signed an Open Letter on Military Deployment to Iraq to all Government Ministers and Members of the New Zealand Parliament.  The letter expresses strong opposition to New Zealand becoming in any way involved militarily in the current conflict in Iraq and Syria. Continue reading NZ – Open letter on military deployment to Iraq